Plains Indians, Texas Pioneers and the Boy In-Between

Gordon W. Smith was born in Fort Worth, TX in 1920. In the summer of 1925 Gordon’s father took the family by train, to Glacier national Park, in Montana, with the hopes of indulging Gordon’s emerging passion in Native Americans and introducing him to his first Indian. It would be a trip that would change his life. On this trip Gordon received his first Indian artifact, a rawhide rattle. Over the next 15 years he and his family would travel the Great Plains meeting Indians, Indian traders, and adding to what came one of the largest private collections of Plains Indian Art and Artifacts in the world.
Produced, Written, Directed and Edited by Greg Mansur

Date.CON (fiction)
Me and the Angels (fiction)
Imperfection (fiction)
Reilly (fiction)
4 Minute Matisse (fiction)
Necessary Targets (fiction)
Dad Film (non-fiction)

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