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Wendy Nietzsche’s child is dying. Waking in a state of panic from a much too vivid dream, Wendy begins to see a world she can not accept, and so gives up her job to spend time with her dying child; her inner child. At the age of 36 Wendy Nietzsche realizes her husband, her job and her identity have buried her alive, and that soon her deeper bliss and self will perish. Through a series of experiences Wendy begins to loose her layers of deception until she stands face to face with the voice of her Super ego. She then begins a heros journey.

Me and the Angels (fiction)
Imperfection (fiction)
Reilly (fiction)
4 Minute Matisse (fiction)
Necessary Targets (fiction)
Plains Indians, Texas Pioneers and the Boy-Inbetween (Non-fiction)
Dad Film (non-fiction)