cub scout

Takoma Park Maryland, 1962
One of my Cub scout friends was Peter Secrest. We took this photo at his house. It was a CUB SCOUT PROJECT. His dad helped us take and make the photograph. He was a scientist, a meterologist, and used photography in his research. He was helping us create a Mother's Day gift. With the help of Mr. Secrest we set up the lights and the camera and learned how to load the 4" X 5" sheets of film. We each sat for our photo.I think it was me, Peter and Sergi. After taking the photo we went into a photographic darkroom and developed the negatives, made a contact sheet, and a final print. My mother loved the present.
The Secrest's were anachronistic. They llived in a big chaotic house, drove a hearse, smoked, drank, and celebrated life daily. Mrs. Secrest taught me to swim. My mother loved them. I loved them too. Up until her death in 2006 my mother kept in touch with Mr. Secrest after all those years.