Harlem Sunset

Richard Douglas is a detective who lives along the edge of the past, with one foot in and one foot out, whose destiny is ruled by passions and the past. When Adrianna reappears in his life so does the sickness that onced ruled him like a crocodile. His only hope is to stay out of his own way.
 Adrianna had a thing for Douglas. And one day when she turned 18, she gave it to him. He left the streets behind him and worked a 9-5 for the San Diego police department as a private detective for 10 years, followed by 5 years as a private eye. He's been sober for 4 years. And now he's thirsty, standing next to Adrianna, feeling the rumble of the approaching oblivion beneath his feet.

Awake - Directed by Kim Little
Harlem Sunset – Directed by Jeff Miller
What is is – Directed by Tim Fear
The Method – Directed by Chance Welch
Del Shores’ Acting Seminar – a scene from Wedding Crashers
Del Shores’ Acting Seminar – a scene from Big Lebowski
Thriller - TCU Dancing With the Frogs

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