Thriller - TCU Dancing With the Frogs

When TCU asked me to participate in their Dances with the Frogs competition I laughed. I don't dance. There would be four couples, Swing, Salsa, Country and Hip Hop. They wanted me for the Hip Hop couple. I was asked by few people I have great respect for and wanting to push myself I said yes. The competition/fund raiser was held on October 17th. My partner Lisa Albert and did our best.

Awake - Directed by Kim Little
Harlem Sunset – Directed by Jeff Miller
I’m Out – Directed by Preston Wilson
What is is – Directed by Tim Fear
The Method – Directed by Chance Welch
Del Shores’ Acting Seminar – a scene from Wedding Crashers
Del Shores’ Acting Seminar – a scene from Big Lebowski

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